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seo rank no 1 on googleAs per the definition, SEO is the technique to affect the ranking of a website or online business or a specific webpage on a website through natural, organic or unpaid sources. But in today’s scenario, this isn’t so. In today’s competitive market, no promotion works without investment unless you are great established brand. Even the well renowned brands like Amazon, Google, Apple etc. spend millions, sometime billions, of dollar on promotion.

SEO mainly affects your ranking through understanding algorithms of search engines like Bing, Google, Yahoo and a lot more by serving best suited content for keywords an audience is searching for. It involves optimization of website in
such a way that the search engine gives priority to your webpage in displaying content when it is searched by a user.

Backlinks or link building is another SEO tactic. For example, if around a colony, there are three doctors and you got ill. 2 people recommend doctor A, 6 people recommend doctor B and 10 people recommend doctor C. To whom you will go for treatment? Of course, doctor C. The same happens with the website ranking. The most recommended, having maximum number of good backlinks, ranks on the top in search result.


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seo growth rank no 1 on google * Website Analysis
* Website Submission to Google
* High CPC Keyword Research
* BackLink Building
* Website Optimization
* Full Website Audit Report to increase your reach to targeted audience

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